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Supporting the ELYF outcomes relating to physical, emotional and social wellbeing, Stretchy stories is a fun, interactive yoga program that builds strength, balance and life skills all at once! With story, movement, song and mindfulness, the children will copy the moves as the adventure unfolds!

Bibi’s big adventure
Bibi the caterpillar believes she can only be friends with animals that look like her. When she wakes to find that she has wings and that the butterflies don’t want to play with her, she learns a valuable lesson that you don’t need to be the same to be somebody’s friend! This is a fun and interactive programme where the children will get to chose what animals they meet along the way, and in the relaxation at the end, they just might get to meet Bibi the butterfly ...


Kids yoga mats provided!

Suitable for ages 3+
$250 + GST
Maximum of 40 children per show (due to mats/ performance space)


Emily is a Yoga Teacher, writer and performer. She has run welfare programs in Pre, Primary and High schools across Australia for the past ten years. She has trained with Cosmic Kids in the Uk and teaches kids yoga in studios in Sydney.

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