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girl empowered (Year 7-9)


“Over the past nine years I have really seen a shift in the conversation with teenage girls about body image issues and social media pressures. The girls know why not, now they are asking how. How do they become resilient? How do they find the strength to be an active bystander? How do they say no? This new format will still incorporate the different scenarios, characters, storylines and information on legal ramifications of our actions that you have come to know through Bamboo Theatre. However it will also offer girls a range of skills to help them find and retain their autonomy long after the show has finished. And why are the boys no longer invited? Due to the structure of this new format, the conversations and advice can be specialised to the needs of the room, and the girls are braver when the boys are not there!”
- Emily Beale (Co-Founder of Bamboo Theatre)

Girl Empowered is an interactive show, combining presentation, workshop and theatre elements. There is a year 7/8 version and a year 8/9 version. These performances can be tailored to suit each year group

Year 7

  • Presentation about change in body- puberty/period
  • Change to High School stress- fixed/growth mindset workshop
  • A play about cyberbullying on Instagram followed by a social media chat

Year 9

  • Presentation about body image issues followed by an  inner critic/inner coach workshop
  • Performance around gender bias in the media
  • A play about cyberbullying (incl. inappropriate photos/ bystander effect). Followed by a Q&A around the legal consequences and social media

Not only will these presentations encourage safe and healthy strategies but also help students critically analyse the internal and external factors that influence our identities, relationships, decisions and behaviours. Girls will leave with a range of valuable skills to encourage them to be self-resilient, confident and in charge of their own choices.

** these performances can be tailored to not only suit the needs of individual year groups, but can be altered to fit into different class times. Contact Emily to discuss your requirements.

I have had a great response from this format so far this year, below are some of the schools I have visited;

* North Sydney Girls
* Loretto Normanhurst
* Moorefield Girls
* Our Lady of the Sacred Heart
* Kincumber High School
* Burwood Girls
* Woonona High School
* St Ursulas College
* Mercy College Chatswood
* Brigidine College St Ives
* Monte Sant Angelo
* Mount Saint Benedicts College



** Minimum cost is for 100 students

1 hour presentation $5.00/ student (+0.50/ student GST)- minimum $550 (inc. GST)

1.5 hour presentation $6.50/ student (+0.65/ student GST)- minimum $715 (inc. GST)


“A great, funny and confronting look at puberty and adjusting to change as high school starts. Great look at growth mindset vs fixed mindset. I like the student centred approach to the students concerns rather than what we think they are concerned about."
Livinia Coombes – Year 7 Coordinator, Loreto Normanhurst


"An interesting and humorous look at what challenges our students are facing as they start high school. The production is relevant and Emily has the ability to relate to the students well through her well thought out skits and debriefs with the students directly."
- Livinia Coombes – Year 7 Coordinator, Loreto Normanhurst


“Emily Beale's performance for her new Nudge Theatre production "Girl Empowered" was an incisive, humorous and thought provoking hour for our Year 7 girls. Reflections on what being a young woman in and out of school can mean and the difficulties that can arise in early adolescence were carefully addressed in a series of performances that accommodated all of our girls. For Year 7 girls, new to high school, many of whom are already on social media, this was a valuable performance, evidenced by all of the questions the girls asked Emily at its conclusion."
- David Krix, Head Teacher Welfare, Kincumber High


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